Buchinger|Kuduz - Ways to ability to change

Buchinger|Kuduz is not a consulting company. Especially in consulting business there are many black sheep, who mainly focus on maximising consulting days and their profit. We work on supporting companies and institutions of any kind in finding their own and individual way to drive sustainable change. Our vision (→) is our guiding line. We do not just talk about it, we live it.

Bullshit Cloud

There are many buzzwords proposing the supposed best solution: Lean, Change, Kata, NewWork, Agile, Scrum, Digitisation, IoT and many more. These are great selling arguments for consultants but in best case just a subordinate element seen as a tool to technology to to what is really required: Developing the ability to drive continuous and intrinsic change. The main question is, how to deal with humans and to apply tools and technology oil the right way in achieving the right goal. The only right way does not exist! It is only about your individual way.

We are working on our goal, to make ourselves redundant.

In 2014 Buchinger|Kuduz was established in Austria by Mario Buchinger. The doctor of physics gathered more than 10 years of experience as employee and executive at two big industry companies in Germany (Daimler AG, Robert Bosch GmbH). Hence, Mario Buchiner went into consulting business after he gained some significant experience in the real world of economy in many different roles (including leadership roles).

Thereby, the expertise of  Buchinger|Kuduz is based on real-world experience and not simply on theoretical knowledge or one-sided views of consultants, who are seldomly confronted with real challenges.

Buchinger|Kuduz - Mario Buchinger
Dr. Mario Buchinger

Kaizen-Trainer, visionary and lateral thinker, Lean-Expert, Coach

Check out the entire profile here. (→)

Buchinger|Kuduz - Marlene Buchinger
Marlene Buchinger, MSc

CFO, project leader
Economist, project development for renewable energy and electric mobility


We collaborate with colleagues covering a variety of competencies. Hence, we can provide also larger and more complex projects. Doing so, we can ensure a customer orientated scalability including individual coaching, overall system development, vision and mission and organisational development.

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