Andreas Pree, Head of Manufacturing Strategy, Palfinger AG:
“This was not just a simple consulting session, it was something which really helped us.”

Thomas Grahl, Head of Bosch Production System, Bosch Rexroth AG:
“Mario Buchinger can be characterised by two basic properties: He has a deep knowledge about lean production systems and management routines and he has an open minded and honest way to show improvement potentials in processes and management behaviours. He is an ideal trainer and coach for everyone who is interested in real improvement.”

Dr. Barbara Fahrner, Head of Process Management ,Raiffeisenverband Salzburg eGen:
“The business developers Mario and Marlene Buchinger understand, guiding the participants to the main problem areas and to provoke valuable discussions.”

Thomas Gustafsson Production Manager Specma, Sweden:
“Mario understands the necessity of developing people in order to build a kaizen culture. I have been challenged by Mario on a number of occasions which have taken me out of my comfort zone and developed me both professional and private!”

Thomas Willmann, Leiter Business Excellence, D. Swarovski KG:
“Mario Buchinger has succeeded in imparting the essential elements and prerequisites for a working value stream orientated Kaizen-culture to the participants. He came up with a well-balanced mixture of entertaining presentations combined with interesting group exercises on the shop floor. Examples of other companies completed the seminar.”

Arron Finnon, Internationaler IT-Sicherheitsexperte, Alba 13:
“Mario gives excellent talks. Insightful, and thought provoking, Mario is both entertaining and knowledgeable which is clear whilst he skillfully guides his audience through his talk topic.”

Ing. H. Georg KARLOVITS, Head of IT for Dr. Stephan Riel as liquidator of  ALPINE Bau GmbH:
“As head of IT working for the liquidator of the former Alpine Bau GmbH it was a big challenge to keep the experienced and skilled associates in order to ensure a smooth liquidation process. The methods brought to me by Dr. Buchinger had a significant contribution to show people opportunities while acting in a working environment with a clear end date.”

Wolfgang Helm, Area Director Sales Retail, SPAR Österreichisches Handels AG:
“Kaizen – so secretive and mystical like Japan. Mario 
Buchinger puts Kaizen in perspective and explained it with 
various examples.”

Brigitte Stingl-Herzog, Director of Nursing, LKH Villach:

Irene Ausserlechner, Executive Department Direction of Nursing/Process Management, LKH Villach:
“Very good approaches and ideas for the day-to-day work.”

Dr. Margit Schlederer, STRABAG AG:
“Clear presentation, lively, tracing an arc over the topic. Fantastic group, I learned several new things.”