Blind on effectiveness and classical management

Effektivität nicht EffizienzMany people believe that they need to control everything. Changes have to bee clearly planned and structured. Every measure itself needs to be profitable. Also the majority of consultants worldwide, who work with Lean, Kaizen, CIP and others, manly deal with methods and approaches only to increase efficiency and profit. Improvement activities are manly driven in terms of reduction of waste and increase of efficiency and profit.

But this is not the main issue about it! One can be very efficient but still not effective. It is useless to have high efficiency values while customers are not interested in the products or services.

Improvements of processes are one element in the world of Kaizen, but it is never an end in itself. It is about a long term improvement in order to keep companies healthy and strong. Kaizen is a culture, an attitude to life, a personal attitude.

We always focus on the wealth of the entire company. Optimisation of costs and efficiency improvements can be one element but these are never the the only ones. In our work we follow the golden rule

First comes effectivity - then follows efficiency

To bring Kaizen and a culture of continuous improvement to real life, common patterns of thinking do not apply anymore. We need to restart the way thinking.