Methods are only the visible tip


MethodenThinking and acting from yesterday is never compatible with challenges of tomorrow. In respect to Lean, Kaizen, Kata, CIP and others this fact becomes clearly visible. Nearly all so far documented approaches try to explain what made outstanding companies (e.g. Toyota) so successful. This happens always just on a methodical level, which is a fatal wrong track.

The common „Lean-methods“ were often and still are solutions of problems, someone at or around Toyota experienced. The question is not „how does a method work?“. The right question is „Which thinking and feeling brings the right problem solution?“

There is no „royal road“. No procedure can be generalized. All examples, even when they are very good, are only possibilities to learn but never compatible to your challenges. Many consultants promise you the all round-solution to meet all problems. But these solutions do not exist. Also a culture can never be methodologically developed and implemented.

Methods are always a result of a personal attitude.

Our approach is not giving you general answers. The right answers for your company are always found by you. We provide thought-provoking impulses, neutral perspectives and develop your ideas together with you. We help to overcome potential organizational blindness. Together with your employees and executives we find and go the right way. Therewith the improvement is useful and you are able to go the way towards continuous improvement on your own. We support you to make Kaizen come and stay alive.

Humans are creatures of habit. This makes the culture of continuous improvement and therewith of Kaizen uncomfortable at first glace. But the world and your customers always change their expectations and habits. Create change and stay successful on a long term together with you employees and customers, not against them.