Just knowledge is worthless


FehlqualifikationOn the market there many consultants and providers of trainings who promise success by certified lectures and seminars. The amount and variety of many different offers are often confusing. additionally to that, there are many certification programs which are useful for the organisations who sell these certificates but not for the clients who buy them. Humans are not a hard disk where information can simply be uploaded and installed. Humans are capable of much more and so they require more than trainings, seminars or certificates. At Buchinger|Kuduz knowledge is never a means to an end. Based on knowledge we develop your individual way and your individual personal attitude for continuous improvement and further development.

The sale of knowledge and certificates is good for consultants, but not for the companies.

A seminar or training can never be more than a starting point or support for a change process. A certificate does not mean that people are able to apply that knowledge. We need to transfer the knowledge to real life experience followed up by personal attitude.

We offer a unique and individual seminar and training program, which is designed individual for the purpose of each client. If required, we can provide coaching and support for the following improvement and implementation process. Within our client network, we can provide possibilities to share best practices and knowledge in order to learn from each other. Employees and leaders must experience things in real life in order to feel it. So things can be questioned and improved.

Only if you experience the change, you can bring it into live!