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Team Buchinger|Kuduz - Mario Buchinger

Dr. Mario Buchinger
(Economy-) physicist, Kaizen-Trainer, Lean Expert, Musician, Author

More than 15 years of international experience as employee and manager in companies.
Scientist with analytical abilities and the ability to make complexity understandable.
Creative mind not just as a musician and music producer, but also for development of future and driving of change.

  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Further competencies

Since 2014: Buchinger|Kuduz (owner)
Keynotes, implementation, development of change, design of change
Engagement in Think-Tanks and initiatives for value driven leadership, sustainability and business ethics

2008 - 2014: Bosch Gruppe – Bosch Rexroth AG (executive)
Expert and Trainer for Production systems  (BPS – Bosch Production System)
Responsibility for implementation projects  at different, world-wide locations
Responsibility for qualification of all managers in terms of Kaizen, BPS, continuous improvement at Bosch Rexroth

2005 - 2008: Daimler AG
Expert and Trainer for Production systems (MPS – Mercedes-Production System)
Responsibility for implementation projects at different Mercedes-Benz production sites

Musician, Music producer, compoiser, Sounddesigner
Pyramidis Audio
The Pyramidis Project

Editor, Author, Podcaster
RestartThinking-Podcast (weekly)
Book author (Das Wasserfall-Paradoxon)
Columnist (Factory, Industriemagazin, Report)
Professional magazine HiFi-Stars (2017-2021, 2021 discontinued)

Diploma in Physics – Astro physics (Georg-August-University Göttingen)
Optical Spektroskopy of the galactical super soft X-Ray source QR And (=RX J0019.8+2156)
Obervation data of X-Ray binary star systems, observations on large telescopes

PhD in Physics – Material physics (Georg-August-University Göttingen)
Nanocharacterization of magnetoresistant oxide tunnel barrier structures
Characterisation of non-conductant oxyde tunnel barriers on a nano scale

Postgraduate studies Lean Manufacturing Consultant (Steinbeis University, Berlin)

Additional qualification: SixSigma Green-Belt

Expert training  Kaizen-Trainer and Lean-Expert at Mercedes-Benz in Germany and Japan also by former Toyota (TPS) Experts.

Intercultural competency
Raised bi-lingual and  multicultural. International work in many different countries and cultural environments.
– Europe: (e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Rumania, …)
– Asia (China, Japan, India, Türky, …)
– America (USA, Brazil)

More than 15 years real-life experience
– Development of vision and mission
– Implementation
– Process analysis
– System development
– Expert training
– Leadership development
– Coaching and Shadowing
– Development of methods
– Development of qualification concepts
– Derivation of strategies for entire companies, divisions, business units
– Political and social development

- Music productoion (DAW und analogue)
- Sound synthesis and acoustics
- Radio moderation
- Speaker
- Video editing (FinalCut Pro & Motion)

Team Buchinger|Kuduz - Marlene Buchinger

Marlene Buchinger, MSc
Project developer, Expert for renewable energies and sustainability

20 years of expertise in different companies, from StartUps to corporations.
Many years of experience in development and installation of wind farms and solar plants as well as sustainable mobility concepts including electric mobility and public transportation.
Project leader for construction projects and implementation processes in administration environments.
Network expert in social interactions – Impossible things com at once, miracles take a bit longer.

  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Further competencies

Since 2014: Buchinger|Kuduz (CCO, CFO)
Implementation and leadership of improvement projects in administration and
Development of measures for environmental protection for companies and institutions Umsetzung und Leitung von administrativen Prozessverbesserungen
Finance and marketing

2011 - 2014: BayWa r.e. (previously Renerco)
Development of wind farms in UK
M&A projects and project development

2008 - 2011: Juwi
Business Development new technologies
Project development in R&D

2003 - 2008: Alpine Bau GmbH
Assistant to the CEO
M&A projects and organisation developmentng with focus on eastern Europe and VAE

2001 - 2003: Penny / Rewe Austria
Assistant to CEO
organisation construction division

Master of Science (MSc) – Specialisation in Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe (Technical University Vienna)

Bachelor or Arts (B.A.) – Specialisation in Business Management (Hochschule Mittweida)

Additional qualification: in project management and CSR

Language course: Kaplan Aspect School, Sydney, Australia

Blogger and Author about topics dealing with change, sustainability, electric mobility and renewable energy.

Team Buchinger|Kuduz - Torsten Griese

Torsten Griese
Pragmatic and empathic supporter and companion during change processes

Effective implementation on-site with hands-on quality across.
Focus, passion and customer orientation since 20 years in Lean Management and as manager.
Acting straight-forward, reliable and pragmatic with a bit of humor.
Drives people as a consequent decision maker and sensitive companion.

  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Further competencies

2016 bis 2018: Cembrit
Head of Global-Lean
Interim plant manager

2013 bis 2016: Swarovski
Lean-responsible for three production units
Implementation and taining

2007 bis 2013: Sanitec
Head of Lean-Production for 22 locations
Supplier development

2004 bis 2007: SAS Autosystemtechnik
Head of Lean-implementation

1996 bis 2004: Fauercia
Head of production
Plant manager
Lean-processes, implementation and training

Craftsman for energy electronics (Siemens AG) including advanced technical certificate
Studies in electrical engineering and automation engineering

- Practitioner
- Motivator for change
- Show opportunities
- Partner for implementation
- Fotographer
- Drone artist

Team Buchinger|Kuduz - Pia Sorgend

Pia Sorgend, MSc
Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Coach for positive psychology

Coach and trainer for positive psychology
Trainer for rhetoric and communication
Trainer for managers
Career coach
Trainer for self care (Well-being and prevention of psychological diseases)


  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Further competencies

Since 2023: Psychotherapist

Since 2020: Freelance Trainer and Coach
Workshops worldwide and coaching dealing with employee development , soft skills and improvement of well-being

2020-2021: Psychologist in addiction counseling
Drugs, medications, non-substance addictions

2018 – 2019: University Salzburg
Tutor for the introduction course „Social Interaction“

2018 – 2020: Palfinger AG
Design, conduction and qualification of all psychological contents during the development of an internal improvement organisation (Palfinger-Production-System Expert Training)

2017 – 2019: Coach for positive Psychology
Coaching for improvement of psychological well-being for patients in a clinical environment

Additional qualification as psychotherapist at CIP-Ambulance, Munich

Master-Studies in Psychology an the University of Salzburg

Apprenticeship as Coach for positive Psychology an the University of Salzburg

Experience in forensics with psychological diseased criminals (Isar-Amper-Klinikum Taufkirchen)

Work with children in a living community (Koko GmbH)

Work at the psychiatry station for grown-ups with the focus on patients with schizophrenia, obsessions and  organic brain diseases (BKH Landshut)

Progressive muscle relaxation

Career coaching

The network of Buchinger|Kuduz
Worldwide network

The Team of Buchinger|Kuduz cooperates with colleagues in a worldwide network. In this way, international projects are also possible, while costs and emissions are reduced at the same time.

All colleagues stand for the same sustainable and customer-oriented values and cover a variety of disciplines and knowledge, like process specialist, IT- and cyber security, psychologists or experts on renewable energy and sustainability.

Weltweites Netzwerk