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Transformation Compass MoVE Core Competence

In the 21st century, almost all companies and institutions want to get sustainable. Unfortunately this often remains a statement of intent and marketing. Where to start and which areas must be considered?

The Transformation Compass MoVE Core Competence provides support in identifying potentials and letting these findings being included into the strategy. To prevent change happening by surprise, potentials are taken, amounts of energy and resources are reduced, costs are decreased. With the Climate Transformation Compass MoVE Core Competence you can ensure the future and competitiveness of your organisation and develop all your subsidiaries and locations.

Evaluation criteria

Along mobility, value add, energy and leadership all activities of the corresponding location are evaluated. This allows definitions of tailored measures for the next defined time period. The evaluation criteria are in accordance with scientific standards (e.g. GHG Protocol Standard) and international agreements (e.g. Paris, UNFCCC 2015). Further standards, such as CDP and SBTi are currently included.



Mobility of employees and leaders to the locations and back home as well as on business trips.

  • M1: Business travel
  • M2: Mobility of employees


The core value add of every location or company, which creates the value for the peer groups (e.g. customers).

  • V1: Product (usable)
  • V2: Product (consumed)
  • V3: Services
  • V4: Internal logistics
  • V5: External logistics
  • V6: Supply chain


All required energy at the location, which is required for all operations.

  • E1: Energy for electricity
  • E2: Energy for thermal control
  • E3: Energy for processes


Core elements of every organisation, which are crucial for its existence.

  • C1: Employees
  • C2: Strategy and investments
  • C3: Transparency

Fields of Action

The Climate Transformation Compass MoVE Core Competence covers all areas along the whole time line of organisational development. In total there are four levels plus an entry level.

The entry level 0 contains, if required, some basic prerequisites on the way to climate transformation. Levels 1 and 2 put an emphasis on the optimisation of the current state.

At level 3 and 4 it is about going beyond the known horizon and breaking with known structures and patterns. In this sectiuon, effort increases exponentially and here lies the biggest amount of opportunities for the future.

It is not about reaching level 4 in all areas. It is normal that any orgainsation will hit some limits within the current state. But the gained knowledge will push some limits and will be valuable for future decisions and future opportunities.


The Climate Transformation Compass MoVE Core Competence is conducted based on the individual requirements of every location. Hereby concept- and implementation maturity is evaluated separately. The two results are afterward multiplied to gain credits for each category.

This approach ensures that every concept has a real implementation as a consequence and that every implementation follows a guided strategy.

The final picture derives a holistic picture including all relevant criteria and its dimensions. Out this, improvements and measures for the corresponding locations can be determined. The resulting credits must not be compared within different locations, but only within one location between one time period to another. Comparisons between different locations do not contain any relevant information since circumstances are always different.

Did we spark your interest and you want to know more about the Climate Transformation Compass for your locations? We look forward to your message.