Finding and maintaining the right course - our services

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We provide the correct sails for your ship.
Always the right course, even against the wind.


  • How to develop a real self-learning organisation?
  • What is the role of executives and employees in a living Kaizen culture?
  • What is the meaning of Kaizen and what does it have in common with Lean, CIP, SixSigma or disruption?
  • Why so many "Lean activities" end up in a dead end?
  • Why it is impossible to "implement" or "introduce" Lean, Kaizen, CIP?
Support, no "help"

We support identifying your individual way for establishing ind developing continuous improvement of your company and organisation.

  • We avoid the item "help". We never explain you how your business work since you are the experts.
  • We never apply predefined solutions. We develop your individual solutions together with you instead. 
  • Our outside view and our expertise supplement your experience. This is how new ideas are created.
  • Knowledge is free and is available to all. We support you in applying and developing knowledge.

Our services cover the entirety of longterm and sustainable corporate development. It is not about selling as many consulting days as possible and the result of our work is never simply a set of presentations and/or spread sheets.

Our target is empowering you and your organisation in making continuous improvement in terms of a living Kaizen culture real.

Do not believe in consulting-trash

Selling methods and tools is useful for consultants but not for their clients. We are convinced that

  • Hoshin Kanri has almost nothing in common with policy deployment.
  • The item "Lean" is a result of a big misunderstanding.
  • Companies which focus mainly on efficiency and profit, jeopardize their existence.
  • Digitalisation, industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) are nothing but methods and no end it itself.
  • Improvements results from personal attitude, methods are secondary.
  • Change and improvement can never be implemented.
  • Consultants have to work to make themselves futile.

Many consultants are nothing but an end in itself. They try to use a fact wording in order to cover their incompetency. We are no consultants but supporters. We do not explain to you how it goes, because you know your job best.

We guide you in finding your way to overcome paradigms and boundaries by placing the right questions and impulses.

Corporate development, more than consulting

All elements can be applied isolated or in combination with each other to ensure an overall corporate and organisational development.

  • Impementation: Implementation support, consulting, coaching, shadowing.
  • Keynotes: Lectures, impulses.
  • Seminars: Individual qualification programs for employees and executives.
  • Expert training: Building up internal organisations for support of change- and improvement activities.

All single elements and measures are always customised, so your individual needs are always in focus. At Buchinger|Kuduz we do not apply solution off-the-peg. Your challenges are unique, so why our solutions?

No "One-Man-Show"

Scalability with a powerful network: Buchinger|Kuduz collaborates with an international and strong network consisting of Kaizen-trainers, Lean-experts and organisation- and leadership-development experts. So we can also manage bigger implementations and projects, locally and intercultural.

  • All our partners have real-life experience, no pure consultant biographies.
  • The personal attitude is customer orientated in the spirit of Kaizen.
  • The consulting mandate must not be an end in itself.
  • The power of improvement lies in the hands of our customers. It is not our job to explain you your job.
  • We always want to make ourselves futile.
  • We never consider methods as an end it itself rather than a means to an end.