Implementation Strategy

  • Derivation of visions and missions and strategy development
  • Definition of BlueSky
  • Derivation and description of target states
  • Impulses for the future of companies and organisations
  • Hoshin Kanri

Umsetzung Produktion

  • Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Design
  • Factory planning
  • Process optimisation (Kanban, line balancing, SMED, ...)
  • Preventive and autonomous maintenance (Total-Productive-Maintenance, TPM)
  • Make-To-Stock (MTS), Make-To-Order (MTO), Engineer-To-Order (ETO)

Umsetzung Administration

  • Swimlane-Analyses
  • Optimization of information flows
  • Sensitisation for external and internal customer relationships
  • Visualisation in administration areas
  • Synchronisation toward production processes

Umsetzung Entwicklung

Research & Development
  • Development and design aligned to customer requirements
  • Understanding for the right customer values
  • Creativity and chaos as basis for innovation
  • Working in and leading of agile teams
  • Implementation and development of "Lean Development"

Umsetzung Politik

Politics & Authorities
  • Derivation of long-term visions for nations and community of nations
  • Application of Hoshin Kanri in the initial context of social systems
  • Analysis of global problems and questions
  • Development of customer orientation for authorities
  • Continuous improvement in governmental institutions