Change and Agility:
Facing the challenges
  • What are the challenges of tomorrow?
  • What is the meaning of agility and how you can make it real?
  • Responsibility for economy, society and environment.
  • What is a true vision? What is the difference to a strategy?
  • What are characteristics of disruption?
Electric mobility
Radical change in the automotive industry
  • Which trends and developments will appear?
  • What is the impact on the European economy?
  • Why are some companies caught in a paradigm trap?
  • What can other branches learn out of these changes?
  • Automotive industry in terms of disruptions.

Compared to other speakers, Mario Buchinger does not play a role and a show which has been rehearsed before. In his talks he speaks about contents really experienced and what corresponds to his personal convictions. The person you see on stage is the same as you face in daily life.

Lean, Kaizen, CIP, Kata, SixSigma:
Caught in the method trap
  • What is the meaning of these items and what is their relation to each other?
  • Just great marketing or real content?
  • Why do many activities not lead to the expected success?
  • Experience possible ways to a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Understand your role as a leader
Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Digitisiation:
A curse, a blessing or just hot air?
  • What is the correct understanding of these items?
  • Digitalisation and automatization or is there something more?
  • Leadership 4.0? Which human image stands behind it?
  • Which opportunities and risks are included in Industry 4.0?
  • Are Industry 4.0, Digitisation and Internet of Things really something new?

The described contents and keynotes are supposed to be guiding principles which always can be modified in a customised way.

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