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How can changes in organisations succeed? This question drives Mario Buchinger for more than 15 years. As a specialist for changeability, author and speaker he shares his knowledge with the audience. Possible occasions are starting events for change processes, annual meetings or incentive events.

As a physicist, Mario Buchinger is able to explain complex and complicated things in an understandable way and comes up with possible solutions. It is not a show, he speaks about real-life examples, personal experience and with conviction. The person you experience on stage is the same you encounter in everyday life.

The described contents of keynotes and talks are possible examples. All contents can be modified individually according to your needs and requirements. Are you planning a certain event or do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keynotes Buchinger|Kuduz

– Agility: More than just flexibility and fire fighting
– How to develop the right error culture
– What makes a real vision and what is the difference to a strategy?

– Why do many lean activities not lead to the expected success?
– How to get out of the silo-optimisation and why is this so important?
– Experience ways to get to a culture of continuous improvement
– Understand your role as a leader

– What are strategic crises and how to avoid them?
– The magic triangle: Customer values, customer needs and solutions
– Insights in worldwide trends and consequences for your business model

– Which risks and chances can be recognised from IoT and Industry 4.0?
– What is expected to change by Industry 5.0?
– Leadership 1.0 – The image of humanity
– What are prerequisites to drive this change?

– Decade of Action: Which changes are expected in terms of political and social frameworks within the next 10 years?
– From strategy to implementation: How can organisations get really climate-neutral and what are the advantages of it?

– What will mobility look like in the future and when is it sustainable?
– What are consequences of e-Mobility to the European economy?
– What can other branches learn from this transformation?

Did we spark your interest or do you have further questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us.