The way to our vision


Vision Mission - NordsternThe finding of a genuine company’s mission might be one of the most demanding challenges ever. Many companies speak about a vision or mission and confuse this with wishful thinking.

What is it about? A vision is like the North Star, which gave the seamen orientation and showed them the way. As it stands, the humans won’t be able to reach the star.

The North Star, also called Alpha Urase Minoris, is the brightest object in the constellation Ursa Minor and is located about 430 light years away from Earth. Reaching this star is according to today’s knowledge not possible, but cannot generally be excluded in future.

The vision of Buchinger|Kuduz

The economy shall act in terms of the „Honorable Merchant“.

Vision Mission - Ehrbarer KaufmannSuch a wording might be seen as „social romanticism“, but it is a vision and not a strategy or even description of the target state for the next year. According to this „North Star“ we align our actions towards our customers, and also for ourselves.

Customer values are always in motion. The challenges of tomorrow cannot be faced with solutions from the present or the past. But there are still many constants. While improving and development companies and organisations, it is mandatory to provide appreciation towards all customers, employees and business partners. Furthermore a long term social responsibility must always be considered. This also includes ecological responsibility. 

We are convinced, that only companies which are treating their employees, customers and suppliers in a respectful and honorable way, will be successful in the long-term perspective.

The mission results from the vision


Vision Mission - OrientierungIn a certain phase entrepreneurial improvement begins to flatline because more than methodical approaches and lessons of the past are required. Our mission is the creation of a paradigm change. This happens based on some obvious contradictions.

  • Blind on effectiveness
    Activities in terms of Kaizen, Lean, CIP and others are mistakenly reduced to the optimization of efficiency and cost. But this is a fatal error.
  • Methodology trap
    Many companies try to enforce improvements and a cultural change by outdated methodological thinking. This is condemned to failure.
  • Wrong qualification
    Only knowledge is useless. What counts is experience and personal attitude. To live a culture people need to experience it.

We do not us standardized consultancy approaches. Each customer is different and encounters different challenges. Based on the Kaizen culture we help you to find the right answers to your questions.

We develop new ways with you and guide you by the right questions to the right solutions, which are aroused together and implemented with you.