Restart Thinking! Vision-Kaizen-Evolution

Restart Thinking means that challenges of tomorrow require ideas for tomorrow. It is impossible to solve problems with the same kind of thinking how they were created. This finding of Albert Einstein is very important in these days. We develop individual ways to develop change abilities.

Buchinger|Kuduz is not a consulting company but your supporter and sparring partner. There are no general methods and tools which can be simply implemented. Methods and tools are helpful elements but not the core issue. It is mainly about being able to change intrinsically. For Buchinger|Kuduz first comes customer value, profit is second.

We develop your individual way to change abilities.

Blind on effectiveness

Activities in terms of Kaizen, Lean, CIP and others are mistakenly reduced to the optimization of efficiency and cost. But this is a fatal error.

Methodology trap

Many companies try to enforce improvements and a cultural change by outdated methodological thinking. This is condemned to failure.

Wrong Qualification

Only knowledge is useless. What counts is experience and personal attitude. To live a culture people need to experience it.